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Fern closeup

Fern Dudzic

2000-Dec 2020


Fern’s age was unknown but her long life will always be remembered.  She came from the streets of Mexico, and quite literally followed me home.  She lived behind a steel board nursing two puppies, in a street pack of 15 dogs, completely covered in fleas. 


I didn’t save her life, she saved mine, many times over.  She was my constant companion, life partner and the one I came home to.  She helped me through some of the most turbulent times, always guiding, healing and helping.   We both survived a house fire that destroyed everything including two beloved cats, and much more, together.


I brought her back to her new reconstructed home just as the COVID outbreak started, 11 years after our fire, to enjoy some peace, light and transition her hopefully to another beautiful place where she awaits for my place beside her again, free of pain and sorrow.

Fern can still be felt in the clinic treatment room sitting with all the patients watching us, sleeping upstairs in the office and now watches from pictures on the walls, lives in my heart. 


Dr. Eva Dudzic

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