2021: Welcome our new team members...

Oak Bay Pet Clinic is very excited to welcome new members to the team. We ask for your much appreciated patience as our bright new staff get acclimated to our clinic and clientele.

2020: Vet Store and Nutrition Centre

We are excited to announce that the Oak Bay Pet Clinic has increased our services and offerings by expanding into our sister building at 1508 Bank Street. The Vet Store and Nutrition Centre offers both u-bath and u-groom facilities, pet products and supplies, including clothing, leashes, and toys, and an unsurpassed selection of nutritional options to satisfy all dietary needs.

2018: New Surgical Facility...

One of our biggest breakthroughs has been to build and establish our surgical facility, along with an x-ray machine and laboratory, on site. Our dentistry has also expanded to provide better x-rays, and prophylactic hygiene. The practice left the partnership with Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital in June 2015 but all emergency and critical care patients are still transferred to that facility for overnight care. We also readily utilize CVVH for specialty referral services as needed. We are proud to be able to now be a full service clinic that attends to all the needs of their patients and clients. We will continue to push forward and keep expanding preventive services that enrich the lives of our patients.  


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