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About Us

Dog at spa
At Oak Bay Pet Clinic...



We understand the benefits of the human-animal bond, and live it daily ourselves, both at work and at home.


We honour this bond through striving for excellence in medicine, surgery, and patient care. Our patients are our first priority. Because our patents cannot talk, we pay attention to the consultation process where listening, explaining, and empathizing with the entire family is a must.


Please note that Dr. Dudzic has a special interest in geriatric, palliative care, and end-of-life transitions. Quality of life assessments combined with anxiety and pain control are a focus for all older patients. She also continues to provide behavioral consultations for all pets and has had much success in this area, both with all of her rescue animals and professionally.   Small patients like rabbits, rodents, rats and birds are also very welcome, as well as all new patients.  We look forward to a new and thriving journey with you.  


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