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Routine Examinations

Routine examinations are the best way to assess each body system to ensure all parts are working efficiently together. Each veterinary visit provides a thorough, head-to-toe, physical examination, as well as detailed estimates for each wellness recommendation.





Your pet's mother gave immunity from disease for the first few weeks of existence by providing disease-fighting antibodies in her milk. After that period, it's more up to us in the form of vaccinations. Although we follow standard minimal vaccination protocols, each patient has a specific tailored plan that is ideal for them. There are times that vaccinations may not be the best thing for your pet and we pay attention greatly to those times.  We are happy to discuss any tailoring request with clients as they are the best in educating us about their pet's risks. Physical exam first and foremost allows us to assess the greatest needs in our patients first.



Flea Prevention

Fleas can prove to be both a nuisance and a severe health risk for your dogs and cats that can also dramatically affect quality of life.We offer at least 6 different flea products that allow our clients the convenience of picking which product suits them most. They all vary in their mode of action so our team ensures that each product is well understood. Fleas are with us all year on our pleasant West Coast and are not a measure of cleanliness, but a mere fact of temperate climate life.



Worm Prevention

Although often forgotten, our pets are a source of parasites to us so it is of importance to us that the entire family remains safe while enjoying their pets fully. We have separate guidelines for puppies, kittens, indoor vs outdoor animals and adult animals. Internal and external parasites are often not seen, and manifest as clinical signs and symptoms so we focus on parasite prevention in our routine annual and bi-annual examinations.

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