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Here at Oak Bay Pet Clinic, we value your pet's wellbeing and will go the extra mile to ensure we provide all necessary options to maintain the best quality of life possible for our dear friends.  

We are happy to listen and work with you based on your concerns, needs, always keeping our patients on the forefront. We are accepting new patients and look forward to a new journey together, with common goals. Although we see a lot of cats and dogs, we also welcome small rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds.


Palliative chronic care and behavior problems are passions close to our hearts, with lengthy experience to assist you in these challenging emotional areas. Dr. Dudzic's extra training in behavior medicines drives the entire practice to commit to making sure our patients' experience in the clinic is an easy, stress-free one. Safe pre-visit sedatives will be suggested to help achieve this if necessary. Call us for more details if your pet has a particular hard time with vet visits or has an anxiety concern, or is coming near the end of their journey with you.  


All after hours emergencies will be directed to Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital at 250-475-2495.

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We have finally found our groomer extraordinaire!


Call us now to book your groom before we book up. We are offering 15 percent off new grooms in the month of September! 


We pride ourselves on offering fear free, force free, kind, efficient grooming with quality precision.  If your pet has fears about being groomed from possible prior experience, we offer on site sedation with our vet on site.   


We work to build trust again for both patients and their families.   


Try us today.  

The Ultimate Veterinary Clinic in Victoria, BC

At this point, you might wonder what makes the Oak Bay Pet Clinic different from other vet clinics. The most obvious upside becomes evident once you bring your pet to our clinic. The quality of care and the compassion our vet shows your fur babies sets them apart from the competition.


We treat your pets as our own, no matter how serious or not so serious their problem might be. Bring your pet to our veterinary clinic for a consultation, shot, dental care, or behavioural training to manage their habits. See an animal vet to turn your doggo into the happiest and healthiest in Victoria, BC.


Lastly, make it a point to visit our pet vaccination clinic without missing a single shot. Remember: A fully vaccinated pet has a full life ahead. Pop into the best pet vet clinic in all the land today!


We are open to the public and starting to see patients with their guardians in our exam rooms. We still perform extra hygiene protocols and bring patients to our treatment area for assessments and procedures. We manage the flow of people to minimize crowding and suggest everyone wear a mask. Thank you for your assistance and understanding during these challenging times. Please help us work together to keep everyone safe. 

To better fit around your busy schedule, we have expanded our hours!

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