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When to Consider Dog Behavior Consultation? Let’s Find Out!

Unwanted dog behaviours can be as simple as mere nuisances to more harmful and destructive behaviours. Your dog may jump on guests to shower them with sloppy kisses, which they may not appreciate.

Though you can tackle smaller issues with the help of a dog trainer, you’ll need dog behaviour consultation for bigger problems. Animal or dog behaviour experts work to modify, manage and prevent pet behaviour problems.

The animal behaviour expert in Oak Bay Pet Clinic explains when you need to consult a behaviour instead of a trainer:

Hiring A Dog Behavior Expert: What Do They Do and When to Hire Them?

Dog behaviour experts are Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists (CAAB) with a doctoral degree in behavioural science or biology or a doctorate in veterinary medicine. They address all the behaviour-related problems, such as aggression, anxiety, and fear. Similarly, veterinarians trained in animal behaviourism are board-certified professionals who can offer behaviour consultation and prescribe medication.

So when you feel that your dog cannot lead a normal pet life and it’s affecting your relationship too, you should schedule a behavioural consultation. Here are some reasons to hire a dog behaviour consultant:

 When they growl at family and friends.

 When they protect their toys.

 When they’re grumpy or biting other dogs and people

 When they show anxious behaviour

 When they display behaviour that is concerning for your family

 When they are anxious and shy around other dogs and people

 When they’re reactive on a leash

Why Should Consider A Dog Behavior Consultation?

Your furry friend can benefit from a behaviour consultation to change and prevent the aforementioned problems. Remember that dogs do not always have problematic or inappropriate behaviour. They can alter their behaviour with good obedience classes.

However, behaviour problems among dogs are among the leading causes of dog abandonment in North America. These problematic behaviours are a sign of something deeper, suggesting inner turmoil or anxiety in your dog. Ultimately, these problems can lead to severe tendencies that can be fatal. So the longer you overlook inappropriate behaviours, the longer it takes to solve them.

A veterinary behaviourist can help assess the problem and distinguish between an anxiety-driven or medical problem and poorly learned behaviours. They can differentiate between problem behaviour and behaviour problem.

Consult Dr. Eva Dudzic at Oak Bay Pet Clinic for dog behaviour consultation and assessment if your dog is displaying severe problem behaviours.

How Are Dog Trainers Different?

Dog trainers can teach your dog basic cues such as sitting or staying. They can address behaviour problems that aren’t dangerous. Still, dog training is an unregulated profession, so the expertise, skills, and education can range widely.

If your dog drags you on walks, mugs guests, digs up the lawn, chews on furniture, is hyperactive or lacks general training, then you can consider working with a trainer. However, for bigger problems, you’ll need to resort to behavioural consultation.

Let Dr. Dudzic help you and your dog! At Oak Pay Pet Clinic, we work to help your pet relax and modify and prevent problem behaviours through assessments and guidance. Book your appointment with our pet vet clinic in Victoria today!

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