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Also Chad

Chad Gutosky

May 13, 2005 - March 5, 2019

Chad, aka Chad Chad, Chadwick, The Wickster, Baby Chad, Mama’s Boy. Lover of tuna, fresh sheets, face rubs, ear rubs, and basking in the sun. Chad was most definitely Mama’s Boy.

On July 23, 2005 while shopping for a birthday gift for my mom, I stopped by a pet store. In the window was an adorable tuxedo kitty wreaking havoc on a brother and another kitty. I wasn't looking for a kitty but told myself I'll ask to meet kitty and if we make eye contact I'll take him home. We never made eye contact but that little soul captured my heart and home he came. Chad was placed in a box and he kept popping out of the box. Took me about an hour to navigate my way out of the pet store and to my car. Every time his head popped out of the box I was stopped by someone proclaiming "aw a kitten". Eventually we made it home and his tiny body fell asleep in the crook of my left arm, a cuddle place that would remain his. That first night I rigged a staircase for the bed so his tiny being could sleep with me. Another shared routine.

Chad and I shared an especially close bond. From day one we had a connection that was soulful and profound. We went everywhere together and he was a constant, loving presence. 

As a kitten he loved sitting in the bathroom sink while I got ready for work. He loved the bath tub – wet or dry. His favorite thing was to coax water from the bath tub faucet. A miracle, a mystical skill that his cat sister Abby marveled at and still cannot figure out.

Over the years my boy supported me through much loss and starting over.

Chad and I road tripped a lot. Countless trips to visit family around the Province. He enjoyed my sister and brother-in-law’s big house with stairs. The stairs were perfect to hang out on and stalk his dog cousins Nikki and Missy.

Every day upon my return home from work Chad greeted me with love at the door and every night Chad and I had a snuggle before drifting off to sleep, my boy asleep beside me. Chad was very social and the official greeter. He greeted all who entered our home. Many a pizza delivery guy were met with Chad's sweet face and bright eyes saying "Hey, I'm Chad. Who are you?"

If I opened a can of food Chad would come running. He was adept at knowing the distinct sound of a can of tuna opening. When I opened a can containing something other than tuna, he remained suspicious...that I was somehow withholding tuna. I would let him sniff the can to confirm it was vegetables or whatever. He remained suspicious and even after rinsing the can I would have to prove I had not opened tuna.


Chad was such a gentle soul. When I brought Abby cat home and let her out of the cage he kinda said " What the hell is this? Is it staying? Ok". He protected and defended Abby against even the mildest of threats, including me when I brush her teeth. Abby is prone to drama and he would always run to see if she was in distress. If he started to play with a toy and she came along he would always defer to her. What he received in return was bratty behavior from Abby but he rarely complained. Chad was a lover and not a fighter.

He was such a good boy this past year and a half accepting all the poking and prodding but he had had enough and the kidney disease was progressing. We spent Chad’s final day in the sun and he ate his fave thing, canned tuna. I am heartbroken by the loss of my baby but grateful to have been blessed by such a loving, kind soul.

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