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Mind the Mindfulness

Hi, Maegan Pettit here, RVT and Manager of Oak Bay Pet Clinic. As a part of my continuing education, I recently attended a very informative course in Mindful Communication and Listening at Royal Roads University, and I wanted to share some of my findings with you. I enrolled in the class to improve my communication skills with our clients and patients, as well as improve my managerial skills at Oak Bay Pet Clinic.

High quality communication requires awareness as the primary foundation. If the goal of communication is about creating understanding, mindful communication is about creating understanding through awareness. The course I attended was a two-day practical and experiential workshop in which I learned to develop and apply the tools and skills for mindful communication and listening, and demonstrate strategies for integrating and sustaining in every day. Learning to be mindful within myself has allowed me to be aware of how I am feeling in any situation, which in turn allows me to do away with unwanted reactive responses and instead make clear choices in how to respond.

Animals may not communicate verbally in a way we can easily translate, but they do tell us a lot about how they are feeling by responding to us with their body language. Being aware of how I am feeling before I see our patients allows me to stop and think about what the patients may be picking up from me when I enter a room. If I can be calm and slow down, the animals do respond in a more positive way to being in the clinic. Being able to respond to the verbal and non verbal communication from our clients and pets in an effective manner improves the experience and outcome for our patients.

Our goal at Oak Bay Pet Clinic is to ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care, and in order to achieve this, we need to be able to communicate the patients needs to our clients in a clear and concise way that is understood by their care takers. It is also important for our clients needs to be heard and understood, so that they are able to provide the care their pets need.

As the manager at Oak Bay Pet Clinic, I welcome any feed back from our clients and hope to be able to make your experience in our clinic an excellent one.

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